AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Technology

More than just a wall, Knauf Exterior Wall and Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology inside offer unrivalled ease of use and a complete wall system from one place.

Tear down the walls of convention

Key Benefits:

  • A lighter material than conventional construction enables more freedom for innovative design and easier construction.
  • With a 27% faster build time, a building constructed with Knauf wall systems can be rented out earlier, helping save money compared to constructing with brick and block.
  • The Knauf Exterior Wall and Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology inside is a whole system from one supplier. Ordering every layer of the construction from one place makes construction planning simpler and it makes construction easier when working with components that are better integrated to work together.
  • An exterior wall system that can offer up to 8% more usable interior space compared to conventional materials.

Our walls, floors, and ceilings offer comparable insulation performance and energy efficiency as conventional materials despite being thinner. The sandwich of layers offers a range of insulation customization options to enable total control of a building's energy use and exceptional sustainability.

Sustainability with AQUAPANEL  Technology

With AQUAPANEL® Technology, profiles, insulation materials, gypsum boards, surface finishing, and other accessories all available from Knauf, you can get the entire drylining system from one place to simplify design and construction logistics. It represents complete certainty. 

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