Stronger, lighter and thinner construction

Knauf Exterior Walls and Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside offer a range of advantages to planners. As a lighter material, every stage of the production process is made simpler. Logistics and handling are easier when working with a material that's thinner, requiring less effort to move the materials around the site than brick and block.

It's a construction material that's strong too, so planning for the future is easy. The Knauf Wetroom Solutions with Aquapanel® Technology Inside are 100% water-resistant so the components of the wall will not crumble or crack when exposed to extreme humidity in interior use or extreme weather from exterior use.

World Class Service and Assistance with Planning

Planners further benefit from the fact that the Knauf Exterior Wall and Wetroom Solutions are a whole system from one supplier. This enables planner to deal with only one supplier for a whole wall system and only one expertise is required: drylining.

With Knauf's widely recognised high level of customer service and support, the highest quality support ensures that every project is able to take full advantage of Knauf's systems.

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