Sustainability with AQUAPANEL® Technology

With a better performance than brick and block when it comes to energy efficiency and production, the new generation Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside offers a range of sustainability advantages.

At every stage of manufacturing, from construction through to occupation and use, Knauf Exterior Wall offers numerous sustainability advantages.

During construction, Knauf Exterior Walls require up to 50% less primary energy requirements and up to 30% lower CO2 emissions in manufacturing thanks to being a lighter construction material with less mass compared to brick and block. 

Synonymous with Energy Efficiency

While Knauf Exterior wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside is a slimmer wall construction than brick, block, and conventional construction, it offers the same energy performance at a slimmer width.

Knauf Exterior Wall can achieve an energy performance of 0.20 W/m2K at a thickness of only 22 cm compared to requiring 32-34,5 cm for blocks (both with 16 cm insulation).

This gives Knauf Exterior Wall the energy efficiency edge when you consider that extra insulation can be added to the wall system to help make any building even more energy efficient without having to give up so much interior space.

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