Commercial buildings

Commercial applications can benefit hugely from Knauf Exterior Wall, Knauf Wetroom Solutions,  Knauf Ceiling Solutions and Knauf Floor Solutions.

With design flexibility there’s the possibility to design structures that are as inspirational as they are functional. Extra space to work and more room to think and be inspired. Aesthetical beauty and high-performance are combined.

A Complete Solution From One Place

With Knauf able to deliver the whole solution and accessories required, constructing commercial structures can be done quickly and with unrivalled ease.

Service and Support

For offices, Knauf enables superior acoustic insulation and excellent safety with fire proofing and high-level seismic performance.

For commercial use such as restaurants, you get 100% water resistant walls that can sustain heavy use and high humidity to enable end-users to get on with their work.

Focus on innovation without having to give risk a second thought—Knauf wall systems are the tried and tested solution.

Industrial and residential applications can also benefit from Knauf Exterior Wall and Wetroom Solutions.

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