Industrial buildings

For industrial applications, safety is priority. As is building design that uses materials that are cost effective and quick to construct. Knauf offers industrial applications this and more with a huge range of application possibilities and solutions.

It’s not just a simple and safe system that’s easy to construct, but also one that can handle the demands of heavy and sustained use.

Knauf Exterior Wall and Wetroom Solutions can handle heavy use, such as industrial kitchens or surgeries regularly washed with chemicals without swelling or changing its form. The wall system is 100% water-resistant, enabling innovation in design without any need to compromise on safety or quality.

Higher and faster ROI

Speed and Quality Combined

Industrial construction demand a quick build in order to ensure occupation can quickly commence. Knauf Exterior Wall can be constructed up to 27% faster than conventional construction. Conventional materials are both inflexible in terms of design and don’t offer the versatility of Knauf wall solutions.

The advantages of Knauf Exterior Wall compared to conventional materials include: a faster speed to close the building envelope; and a lighter material that makes it easier to transport and handle the materials on-site.

Together these advantages add up to a quicker return on investment for all type of industrial applications, as well as residential, public and commercial applications.

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