Residential buildings

Residential applications benefit hugely due to Knauf Exterior Wall being up to 33% slimmer than conventional construction and using Knauf Exterior Wall allows up to 8% additional interior space. 

Creative Freedom and Innovation

As a result, Knauf gives space to both busy and active lives at home, as well as extra space to make room for complete relaxation. It’s now possible to design houses that can do more for users simply due to the fact that they are built with such slim and versatile materials.

Make a House a Home with Unrivalled Ease

Knauf presents the complete solution for residential applications. From primer to insulation and concrete board, every layer is available direct from Knauf.

With a thinner wall there is more space for insulation, enabling cost savings over time with quicker construction and a higher return on investment.

This is just as true in other applications such as commercial, public and industrial applications.

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