Knauf Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside represents the future of interior wall installation.

Designed as an ideal solution for humid and wet areas, it's 100% water-resistant. It's able to withstand extreme humidity without softening or swelling and is the material of choice particularly for demanding applications such as swimming pools and saunas.

Our interior solutions are suitable for a range of applications, from new building construction through to renovation projects. Public spaces such as hotels, sports facilities, hospitals, and residential areas can all benefit from Knauf Wetroom Solutions.

Key Advantages of Knauf Wetroom Solutions:

  • 100% water-resistant. These solutions are even suitable for environments such as swimming pools with corrosive chlorine and high humidity.
  • Extreme temperature resistance, making it ideal for wellness centers and saunas.
  • High impact resistance and sound insulation. It's the solution that's perfect for applications such as sports halls and schools, due to high rigidity and strength.
  • A wall that stays clean and hygienic. Not even intense chemical agents will make it soften.

Knauf Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL®  Technology Inside are the tried and tested solution for design innovation without risk. And the whole wall system is available directly from us to make every aspect of the construction process as easy as possible. Get the complete wall and accessories from us to make construction easy and quick.

Potaissa Hotel& Spa, Turda, Romania

See the whole range of accessories that contribute to Knauf Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside:

Knauf Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL Technology Inside

For everything from swimming pools through to industrial kitchens and saunas, the high-performance of Knauf Wetroom Solutions with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside make it suitable for various interior applications: