Is Knauf Exterior Wall more expensive or cheaper than traditional construction?

|   Exterior

Using the Knauf Exterior wall realizes more space inside the building with a comparable thermal insulation value. Consequently, rentable space and resulting rental income are larger.

With Knauf Exterior Wall, it is possible to achieve the same thermal performance as brick and block with a thinner wall thickness, meaning that more internal floor space is available for sale or rent. This ensures a faster and higher return on investment.

The installation of the Knauf Exterior Wall is fast and efficient. Its components are light and easy to handle, and due to the just in time window installation and the fast closing of the building envelope. The construction is largely weather-independent, and interior works can begin significantly earlier than with conventional building methods.

The lightweight nature of the Knauf Exterior Wall does not just help deliver efficient and economical builds, it delivers significant financial benefits too. With the Knauf Exterior wall, there is significantly less bearing load in both primary construction and foundation works. As a result, the building design and its construction can be executed much more cost-effectively.


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