Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania
Striking combination of old and new


Striking combination of old and new

  • Project:
    Aviatorilor 8, Bucharest, Romania
  • Architects:
    DSBA, Bucharest
  • Project completion:
  • Product:
    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite
  • Application area:
    Balconies’ exterior ceilings
  • Type of building:
    Office building

In central Bucharest a historic villa was refurbished and a modern office building constructed directly adjacent. Featuring a flowing form with a projecting roof, the building needed robust yet lightweight exterior ceilings.

“The defining element of Aviatorilor 8 is the architectural design and technical solutions, considered to be avant-garde in style for an office building. This is what we aimed for.”

Lori Collin, Office Executive, NEPI 

The new construction consists of three floors of offices and the ground floor, which is offered to the city for cultural activities. The space between the new façade and the villa is partly covered by a projecting roof that mirrors the swaying curves, creating a protected area underneath it.

“The design elements concluding the building bring a comfort and elegance degree worthy of the future. The distinctive, large and double-curved façade embellishes this project in noblesse, art, grandeur and heights that have not been reached in Romania, when it comes to office buildings.”

Lori Collin, Office Executive, NEPI 

The office levels offer space for all conceivable types of working areas.

The new office building forms a frame surrounding the historical villa.

The modern underground parking space is accessible from the villa as well.

For the construction of all exterior ceilings the architects chose AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite, because a highly robust and yet lightweight solution was desired. Its complete resistance to water, mould or mildew qualified the material as well as its easy handling, especially important for the over-head working process. With the help of the cement boards, the fascinating form of this office building could be completed – and a new frame for the historic Oromolu Villa was established.