Potaissa Hotel, Turda, Romania
An iconic space reborn


Making the most of space and light

  • Project:
    Potaissa Hotel & Spa, Turda, Romania
  • Architects:
    Filofi si Trandafir Arhitectura, Cluj, Romania
  • Project completion:
  • Product:
    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor
  • Application area:
    Interior walls in the spa area
  • Type of building:
    Hotel & Spa

Making the best of Hotel Potaissa’s landmark position, its flowing lines and spacious layouts while preserving the building’s unique character constituted the task for architects Filofi si Trandafir Arhitectura from nearby Cluj-Napoca. They aimed at retaining the hotel’s distinctive character, combining it with a contemporary design language and modern technology.

“In many ways it is easier to begin creating a building from the ground up. But we happily accepted the remodelling challenge, as the end result can be all the more spectacular if it successfully blends the old with the new.”

Catalin Trandafir, Filofi si Trandafir Arhitectura

Creating such a space is a challenge in itself as the material needed to make such a vision reality must be able to withstand wet conditions and be finished to an extremely high standard. Furthermore, it needs to be light enough so as not to overload the existing structure of the building.

“The challenge lies in recreating a clean, coherent and harmonious space while keeping its architectural value and sense of character.”

Irina Filofi, Filofi si Trandafir Arhitectura

The innovative AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor offers ideal physical attributes for all wetroom applications. Manufactured from inorganic materials and highly resistant to water and mould, the board also is easy to handle and fast to install, with superb flexibility for curved walls, too. Also thanks to its system solution approach with all needed accessories available from one hand, valuable time and resources can be saved and projects finished quickly and efficiently. Thus, the road was free for an in-time opening of the reborn grand hotel of Turda – the Potaissa Hotel & Spa, ready for its first guests.