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Knauf Exterior Wall


The Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior Wall is an advanced exterior wall system with a unique combination of economic, sustainability, and performance advantages that are quite simply beyond the reach of conventional constructions.

Based on inorganic materials, the Knauf Exterior Wall is highly resilient and completely water-resistant – so it is not affected by mould, softening, or swelling. The Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior Wall is fast and easy to build, it is up to 75% lighter than conventional materials, and offers greater design freedom.


When used in new buildings, renovations, or modifications, the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior Wall not only features unrivaled economic and sustainability advantages, it also offers other outstanding building properties:

  • Slimmer wall with the same energy performance
  • Better energy performance achievable with more space for additional insulation
  • Faster construction times
  • Faster closing of the building envelope gives protection against weather
  • Extra interior space due to the thinner width of the materials
  • Better thermal performance and comparable acoustic, fire, and seismic to brick and block
  • Easy access to building infrastructure and building services
  • Greater design freedom when creating monolithic jointless surfaces and curves


Each construction type includes AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor and, thanks to a broad portfolio of accessories, Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior wall is a complete system solution, helping to construct innovative complete exterior walls and façades.

  • Exterior wall construction
  • Ventilated construction
  • Exterior curtain wall construction
  • Exterior wall construction with ETICS

Examples for standard construction types.

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Note: Please consult the local partner organisation of Knauf Aquapanel for more information on country-specific building requirements and legislation. Technical advice on this website is based on standard criteria.