Introducing Our New AQUAPANEL® Production Plant in Santiago de Chile

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We are excited to announce the successful launch of our state-of-the-art AQUAPANEL® cement board production plant in Santiago de Chile. This milestone was marked by a grand opening ceremony on April 27th, attended by government officials, local authorities, and company executives. As a leading German construction materials manufacturer, Knauf is proud to bring sustainable, high-performance cement board solutions to the Latin American region.

The new plant, which was completed at the end of last year, will bolster the local economy by generating jobs in Puente Alto, as well as numerous indirect employment opportunities in logistics, local raw materials supply, sub-distribution, architecture, and construction. This investment aligns with Knauf AQUAPANEL®'s commitment to supporting local communities.

Adhering to the highest environmental standards, the project has received approval from the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) and the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA). In partnership with the municipality, we've made significant commitments to improve the surrounding area, including urbanization with better lighting and sidewalks, tree planting, waste recollection points for recycling, and more.

This new AQUAPANEL® plant in Santiago de Chile marks a significant step in Knauf's growth and investment plans. Our aim is to provide Latin America, with easier access to sustainable and high-performance construction materials for facades, ceilings, and interiors. Together, we're building a better future.