The world of construction is constantly evolving. New building regulations and legislations have an impact on how we build. Similarly, concerns about the environment are driving the sustainability agenda – and with it, the introduction of new materials and processes. Construction stakeholders, such as architects, planners, project managers and consultants are working together on new building designs and sustainable constructions, creating great new opportunities in the sector, but also focusing numerous challenges.

With AQUAPANEL® Cement Board, we ensure to deliver performance improvements compared to conventional building materials. During manufacturing, we save natural resources by recycling as much materials as possible. Not only during production but also after usage, our cement boards can be easily recycled, as they are completely based on natural components. Furthermore, our products and systems help to lower CO2 emissions, also by needing less primary energy.

For further information please have a look at our certificates. The Environmental System Certificate by Wesseling describes the energy performance with regard to primary energy demand and CO2 emissions. The Certificate for Building Biology certifies that our products meet the highest requirements for a safe and hygienic environment inside the building and in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) you will find more information about the life cycle assessment of our products.


Certificate of Award

Institut für Baubiologie

Environmental System Certificate

Zertifikat von Wesseling

Environmental Product Declaration

Institut Bauen und Umwelt ev.