AQUAPANEL® is the world's leading premium brand for cement boards in the drylining industry.

Since its launch, we have helped change the way people build, and the way buildings look. Now, as the world of construction is embracing new practices and technology, we can make an even more positive impact on the built environment and on the lives of our customers. By offering a sustainable alternative with biggest creative possibilities, we help architects, investors, contractors and installers to create future-proof buildings. Thanks to the technological advantages of AQUAPANEL® it facilitates faster, safer and more cost-efficient builds.

Our company Knauf Aquapanel is based in Iserlohn, Germany, where the cement board technology is constantly being developed, together with new systems and accessories. Its management team is located in Dortmund, which is also the location of Knauf Aquapanel’s International Training Centre, directly at the city’s airport.

The mother company Knauf is a leading manufacturer of building materials worldwide, including plasterboards, plasters, insulation materials and external renders. Knauf is running more than 150 production sites around the globe and is employer to roundabout 26,000 people. Its headquarters are in Iphofen, Germany.