With its launch in 2002, AQUAPANEL® established the cement board category, and helped influence a new generation of construction. Since then, growth has been strong and constant, and today AQUAPANEL® is a flagship global brand with a presence in more than 60 countries. Focused initially on the specification channel, AQUAPANEL® now has broader trade appeal with contractors, installers and dealers.

The AQUAPANEL® portfolio continues to expand with the introduction of new products to meet specific market needs helping to drive growth. In 2011, AQUAPANEL® became Knauf’s Competence Centre for Dry Exterior Walls and today is recognised as a vital element in its phenomenal global success.

In the future rapid population growth and a progressive shift of people from rural areas to towns and cities will create new and exciting challenges. In response to this, AQUAPANEL® will put its customers even more at the centre of our thinking and develop innovative products and services in response to their evolving needs.


AQUAPANEL® will help architects, investors, contractors and installers respond efficiently to a changing world and built environment, helping them create imaginative and sustainable buildings that people want to live, and work in.


When customers use AQUAPANEL®, they have supreme confidence in its qualities and
 the support around it. They trust the brand to make their working lives easier and better. They have faith it will be delivered on time, and perform the way they expect it to perform. They understand it delivers certainty at every touch point.

As a premium quality brand, we deliver this certainty through our people, offering hands-on support and expert advice. We deliver it through our processes, including manufacturing and our supply chain. And we deliver it through our products, which perform exceptionally in even the most challenging environments.

We enable our customers to complete the job efficiently and effectively without costly delays, call-backs or compromise on project specifications.

Derived from our AQUAPANEL® vision and mission and based on our set of core values, our identity shapes all our relationships and actions. It defines our market approach of two pillars:

We believe in collaboration with all of our stakeholders – architects, distributors, dealers, contractors, installers and planners. We are invested in their ambitions and committed to their success by working together, for the long-term. We listen closely, respond quickly and openly share information and innovation at every stage of a project, offering exceptional levels of service and support in order to meet and exceed expectations. By delivering this level of customer focus, we act as true partners, creating certainty that changes the way the world builds – together.

We believe in the power of innovation. We constantly seek out new technologies to create cutting-edge products and systems for new and existing applications. We integrate these into a modular suite of internal and external solutions. The result is a ‘total envelope’ offering which benefits from an ongoing programme of improvement and evolution. We embrace the latest thinking and materials, and we’re always looking to make headway in new markets and territories. And we explore new channels and technologies to engage with our customers in better ways. By developing pioneering solutions, we deliver certainty, now and for the future.