Aman Kyoto Resort
Where traditional design meets modern technology


Aman Kyoto Resort, Kyoto, Japan

  • Design architect:
    Kerry Hill; 
    Toyo Architects & Engineers Office
  • Project completion:
  • Product:
    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor
    AQUAPANEL® Accessories
  • Application area:
    Interior ceilings
  • Type of building:
    Luxury hotel

In 2019, the Japan-based Aman Kyoto Resort was completed in the middle of a secret garden. Since then, it has become one of the most popular wellness destinations in the world. To make this Ryokan the authentic and contemporary experience for mind and spirit, the unfortunately already deceased architect Kerry Hill relied on AQUAPANEL® Technology.

The Aman Kyoto Resort's 24 guest rooms and two villas are enclosed by more than 800,000 square meter of peaceful forest, making the resort a center of relaxation. Each of the rooms features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer spectacular views of the resort's natural surroundings. The resort has two dining areas, whose calm atmosphere and remarkable kitchen combines with a typical Japanese culinary experience.

In planning the resort, close attention was paid to ensure that every detail contributes to the relaxation of the guest. For example, a large traditional Hinoki wooden bathtub is placed in each guest-bathroom. In addition, the hotel has a spacious spa area with indoor and outdoor baths filled with water from natural hot springs. But all of these possibilities come together with a challenge. How to provide the architect with the freedom for inspiring design while managing the humidity in the wet and humid areas? - The solution was found in the AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor.

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is made of non-combustible Portland Cement and can convince with its robustness and strength. Its light performance and its mold and moisture resistant properties also makes it the ideal application in the ceilings of the Aman Kyoto Resort's bathrooms. The board can support tiles up to 50 kg/m². Using the AQUAPANEL® Q4 Finish it is possible to achieve high quality surfaces up to Q4 level, as applied here. With a full range of accessories, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is a true one-stop solution for innovative interior walls and ceilings.

Designed for the next generation of imaginative and sustainable buildings, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Technology is changing the way the world builds. This helped the Aman Kyoto Resort to become the cultural experience, which it is today, providing many guests with an unforgettable experience.

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