• Project:
    iADC Design Museum, Shenzhen, China
  • Architects:
    ROCCO Design Architects
  • Project completion:
  • Product:
    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite
  • Application area:
    Exterior ceilings
  • Type of building:
    Public building, museum

Located in the heart of the Shapu Art District in Bao’an, Shenzhen, is the Shenzhen iADC Design Museum. The museum deals with all aspects of art and design. Thus, when constructing this building, it was clear from the very beginning that the design of the building itself should also be exceptional and unique. Thanks to the many positive properties of AQUAPANEL® Technology, this challenge was met.

The Art District takes an experimental urban planning approach that uses art and culture as the main driver for the development of the city. The museum's design architect, Rocco Yim, wanted to establish the museum within this area as a visual icon that exudes innovation and individuality. To meet these high design standards, a building material was sought that not only offered unlimited design freedom, but also did not lose stability and performance in the face of weather and moisture. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite was finally chosen as the right solution.

The folding of the façade significantly influences the unique design of the museum. Through this innovative measure, pragmatic solutions were found to shade the walkways, for example, while still creating an open, free and vibrant ambience. The low weight of AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite greatly facilitated the working overhead, allowing the Cement Board to be installed quickly in the exterior ceiling applications. With its 100% water-resistance as well as its mould- and mildew-resistance, it provides all-around protection, even in areas exposed to weather and moisture. With its bending radius of up to one metre, the Cement Board allows unlimited design freedom. The fact that expansion joints are only required every 15 m allows for a closed area of 225 m² without visible joints.

During construction, Knauf Aquapanel's technical team supported the installers with technical details to ensure that the AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite and accessories were installed correctly.