• ARCHITECT: Oslo Interior AS
  • TYPE OF BUILDING: Residential building
  • PRODUCT: AQUAPANEL® Board Floor Tile Underlay

In Olso’s westernmost quarter Ullern lies Veslekroken, a quiet street with typical Norwegian wooden homes. House number 3 B was built in 1952 – and just underwent a total makeover by its owners, themselves interior architects and building professionals. What they wanted was more light, more air and an interior that breathes Scandinavian style and urban design – matched with modern comfort and amenities.

Its ground floor was transformed into a spacious, open area for cooking, dining and living. The floor coverings should mirror the different uses, for example with marble in the kitchen area and wide wooden planks in the living and eating spaces, which partly also received an underfloor heating. As a basis for all of these, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay was laid on top of an old wooden floor. Norwegian building regulations require at least a 5 mm non-combustible layer between wooden floors and floor heating cables, so the inorganic AQUAPANEL® Cement Boards presented an ideal solution. And as for the marble in the kitchen, they formed a highly stable and reliable basis for laying marble strips in a herringbone pattern, which in a skilful manner was merged into the adjacent parquetting.