For the illuminated sea-cave restaurant and the curved, traditional-style masonry of Rulantica water park, the architects and engineers of pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG turned to AQUAPANEL®.

At 32,600 square metres, Rulantica is Europe’s largest indoor water park. To fill this vast space, the architects imagined twenty-five Nordic-themed attractions as well as the country’s largest wave pool. But the opportunity came with a challenge: how to create an inspiring design while also tackling the humidity and moisture of the park’s many wet areas?

The architects found a one-shot solution in AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor. Because of its strength and robustness and because the cement boards are mould, mildew and water resistant, and able to support tiles up to 50 kg per square metre, they could be used throughout the park. Its one-metre bending radius and range of finishing options made the curved walls of the shower rooms possible. And most eye-catching of all, its lightness and workability took the spectacular sea-cave design of the restaurant from drawing board to reality.

The multiple applications of AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor simplified planning processes, on-site logistics and materials management. Being easy to cut using a score-and-snap technique allowed the imaginative design to be implemented in a cost- and time-effective way. That is one of the reasons why the project was completed in time for its fixed opening date in November 2019.

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AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor

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