• Contractor:
    Kim Son Construction - Trading Co. Ltd
  • Installer:
    Wonpoong C & S Vina Co., Ltd
  • Project completion:
  • Product:
    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop
  • Application area:
    10,300 m2 AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop used as cover board
  • Type of building:
    Food processing factory

For the ever increasing demand for their confectionary products, Orion Food Vina needed to increase both manufacturing and storage capacity that their My Phuoc Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

To accommodate the expansion plans for the manufacturing facility Nhat Tien Design Consultants were in need for a flat roof system that is robust, to withstand strong winds, a roof that is weather resistant as well as a system that would provide a durable solution for the life time of the roof.

As the design of the roof cover would large spans of industrial space, with a steel deck as substrate, rather than a concrete deck they have requirement a lightweight roof that’s quicker and more cost-effective to install– but it does compromise on strength, safety and stability.

The expansion of Orion Food Vina confectionary factory required a 10,300 m2 of flat roof which would cover both manufacturing facility to increase capacity, as well as a storage facility of the finished goods.

To ensure the robustness of the roofing’s as well as durability, facility Nhat Tien Design Consultants approached Wonpoong C&S Co. to utilize their SuperGuard TPO membrane which has the required FM certification. As a part of their roofing system Wonpoong C&S Co. proposed to use AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop (6 mm), as part of the roofing system a cover board that supports and reduces stress on the roof membrane and protects the insulation by dispersing point and area loads.

The construction of the roofing system comprises of, steel deck as substrate, high density mineral wool insulation, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop (6 mm) as a cover board and Wonpoong SuperGuard TPO waterproofing membrane layer for the roof. 

The main advantage for a flat roof system using the combination of high density mineral wool insulation, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop (6 mm) cover board and Wonpoong SuperGuard TPO waterproofing membrane is that the system provides a flat roof, with a strength of a system which is capable of withstanding strong winds and impact resistance. As roof is the part of a building most exposed to the elements, the roof needs to be watertight and weatherproof especially when it has a low incline. The membrane must, therefore, be 100% waterproof and able to resist all weathers. SuperGuard TPO is made with a solid and permanent polymer ensuring long-term resistance to harsh UV exposure.

In addition fire protection is a substantial planning factor in flat roofing. To counter fire hazards and protection against fire (flying sparks) from outside the building roofs should be burdened with as little fire loads as necessary. Because in the case of fire the roof is empirically the most exposed building component to thermal stresses. The higher the calorific value, the higher is also the heat generation in case of fire. A non-combustible and protecting from sources of fire outside the building, the AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop (6 mm) coverboard is a strong, robust and reliable first line of defense.